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    LifeMed™ ID

    LifeMed ID

    LifeMed ID is a medical technology company developed by SMART Association, Inc., the nation's leading Consumer Relationship Marketing (CRM) to hospitals to influence patient satisfaction, loyalty, patient-physician alliances and overall market share for over 20 years.

  • Case Study

    The LDF

    Leadership Development Foundation

    The Leadership Development Foundation (LDF) empowers young people with leadership skills that promote ethics and integrity in Ugandan communities.

  • Horn of Africa

    Horn of Africa

    Horn of Africa is the premier provider of East African products. Their mission is to provide a unique and convenient shopping location for East African products.

  • Natomas Drum Corps

    Natomas Nighthawks Drum Corps

    The award-winning Natomas High School Drum Corps is the heartbeat of prestige at the Natomas High School campus and in the community. Playing from Government and charitable events, the corps is noted for their diversity and the ability to entertain any audience, anytime, anywhere.

  • HOWW

    Helping Our World with Wisdom

    Project Under Development
    Helping Our World with Wisdom is a faith-based organization that recognized a serious need within communities everywhere to help men, women, youth and seniors to break the cycle.

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  • LifeMed ID
  • Horn of Africa
  • Natomas Nighthawks Drum Corps
  • PushBox
  • Natomas Nighthawks Drum Corps
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